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By Barriers Direct on 28/04/2020

Stay Home and Protected with Residential Gates

Stay Home and Protected with Residential Gates

Stay Home and Protected with Residential Gates 

With the world fighting COVID-19 and trying to protect themselves from coronavirus staying safe has never been more important. Protecting yourself and your loved ones is everyone's top priority. One way to protect yourself, your family, and your community is to install electric residential gates on your property.

Various measures, such as social distancing, have been put in place as a way to protect individuals from catching this highly contagious virus. With more and more people staying at home, increasing security at home, for your family or community, is at the forefront of most people’s minds. Residential gates protect the perimeter of your home, ensuring that people do not get close enough to put your family at risk of catching the virus whether it be a neighbour, postman or delivery courier, and there being a risk of contamination. 

Fitting a residential electric gate increases security and lowers the chance of social interaction, as it is controlled by a remote control system that can be activated from a far distance. It is also usually made from very strong aluminium material that keeps the property secure. 

Simultaneously, residential gates protect those with children or vulnerable adults from wandering off the property, allowing a degree of security when children are playing in the garden while you work from home.

These residential gates are ideal for a property or a private residential area that contains a small number of houses bunched together, looking for extra security. 

There are various types of residential gates that you can choose from, for all property types and budgets. This practical and affordable security measure is a sure way to keep you and your family safe during these crucial times. The two main types of security gates are pedestrian gates and driveway gates.

Pedestrian Gates 

Pedestrian gates are a very safe and secure way to protect who is entering and exiting your home in an economical way. 

pedestrian gate

Perhaps you have young children that love playing in the front garden on a warm day, and you want the peace of mind of knowing that they are securely staying in their designated area, without suddenly running out into the street. With the lockdown limiting our time on the public streets, so getting essential fresh air from our gardens has been more valuable than ever.

If you have a large back garden that you want to secure and deny public access to, installing garden gates are a great way to leave your children having all the outdoor fun they like, without feeling the need or to constantly watch over them. 

These large gates also allow for privacy, so your children can play and you can soak up the sun freely without any worry of being seen by passers by.  

Aluminium pedestrian gates let you know when somebody is accessing your property before they even make it to your front door. The large gates make a distinctive noise when opened and closed. This is especially handy with deliveries that you don’t want coming up to your door. You can let them know to leave any packages and letters securely inside the large gate before they make it to your letter box, to keep that safe social distance.

Driveway Gates 

We also provide driveway gates that help you to monitor who is leaving and entering your property at any time.  

driveway gate

With a driveway gate installed, you will be informed whenever someone wants to drive onto your property, and will need to operate the gate to open and let them in yourself. This is not only a fantastic security measure, but it also allows for efficient delivery exchanges if you would like something left further from the house. 

Most of our driveway gates come with a double swing design that open outwardly and inwardly to allow vehicles in and out of the driveaway. 

They also add an aesthetic element to a property, with these beautiful double swing designs which come in a range of colours and shade to suit your taste. 

The majority of our residential gates are made from strong aluminium, which allows for lightweight and robust use with very low maintenance. Large aluminum gates don’t suffer in weather change, unlike wood and steel. They are very simple to clean by simply washing down, to keep them looking brand new. 

Residential gates are a great way to keep any property protected and secure, and also allow for practical measures to be put in place to increase your safety, which is a necessity at the best of times.

We’re operating as usual during the coronavirus lockdown, so if you’re struggling to find supplies, you can rely on us to continue to provide essential security products. You can find out more about our coronavirus response here.

By Barriers Direct on 28/04/2020