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By Barriers Direct on 15/02/2021

Control Social Distancing With Turnstile Gates

Control Social Distancing With Turnstile Gates

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has bought many challenges along with it. There have been numerous lockdowns and time away from loved ones. One of the biggest changes has been maintaining social distancing when in any sort of public area. Getting too close to someone that is not from your household can cause huge levels of worry and anxiety. It looks like this virus may be here for longer than it was once anticipated, which means that social distancing measures will be around for longer too. Keeping these measures in place can be difficult for large companies and organisations that regularly open their doors to the public. For example swimming pools, cinemas, and airports are all public places that need to implement social distancing effectively and safely. This is where turnstile gates can make all the difference for these businesses. 

Turnstiles are a clever solution to ensure the ordered entry of large crowds into a facility. They are a simple solution for customers and employees to enter a premise whilst maintaining a comfortable and safe distance from one another. 

What are Turnstile Gates?

A turnstile gate is simply a post with arms motionally pivoting in a passageway, allowing crowds to pass through on foot, one by one. There are two main types of turnstile gates, motor-driven and electro-mechanical. The motor-driven models are activated by a pedestrian physically pushing the arms out of the way themselves. These manual swing pedestrian turnstile gates use a spring mechanism to ensure the automatic closure of the gate once a pedestrian has pushed their way through. This eliminates the need for security personnel and provides peace of mind as an added safety element. 

There are also motor-driven automatic turnstiles and electro-mechanical turnstile gates that have a release mechanism that is triggered via a card reader, a control panel, a coin operation device, a ticketing system, or another method in line with individual requirements. This eliminates the contact with the turnstile gate, instead the arms move automatically when an entry is approved. This is an invaluable feature during the pandemic to reduce the risk of infection spreading through touch - especially if customers are not wearing gloves. 

Simple to Use Pedestrian Swing Gates 

One of the best things about using turnstile gates is their simplicity and easy to use functionality. The motor-driven and electro-mechanical mechanisms run automatically, which ensures that the constant flow of pedestrian traffic is maintained and controlled with no fuss or effort. The automated mechanism is activated by an authoritative command or approaching motion sensors, as well as automatically closing itself. Therefore eradicating the need for human contact or constant maintenance. 

These pedestrian swing gates take the time and effort out of directing customers in and out of a busy building. They are the perfect installation to control the flow of pedestrian traffic to maintain appropriate social distancing rules. 

Peace of Mind with Modern-Day Turnstiles 

There is bound to be an inevitable amount of panic wherever large crowds come together, especially during these difficult and unprecedented times. Turnstile gates are a great installation to maintain peace of mind for both customers and business owners. Turnstiles contain practical service points for users such as signal lights to indicate when the arms have been released and pedestrians can walk through. This ensures that people won’t miss the release of the gate or try to walk through the pedestrian swing gate before the release is triggered. 

Turnstile Gates from Barriers Direct 

Here at Barriers Direct, we stock a range of innovative turnstiles that are extremely safe and require very little maintenance - even with extensive and constant use. All of the turnstiles in our range are made of high quality and durable materials, such as stainless steel or solid steel casing with cast aluminum. This means it will not break or damage very quickly or easily. 

This full height turnstile is particularly popular within the trade industry due to its robust structure and high-specification features. It is ideal for settings where maintaining the control of pedestrian footfall is of utmost importance. 

Get in touch with a member of our team from Barriers Direct on 0800 0288010 to learn more about our fantastic range of turnstile gates and how they will make a huge difference to your business. We are happy to advise on which of our turnstiles will best suit your budget and requirements. 


By Barriers Direct on 15/02/2021