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By Barriers Direct on 17/04/2020

6 products to help enforce social distancing

6 products to help enforce social distancing

For essential workers and businesses, enforcing social distancing measures is becoming an increasingly difficult challenge. Whilst many people are social distancing in their homes quite easily, it can present more of an issue once people are out and about, especially when shopping for essential goods.

Many of our products can help set up boundaries and guide customers in abiding by social distancing rules, which keeps consumers and staff alike safe, and can help limit the spread of coronavirus.

The following products can be used or repurposed to assist in reducing the spread of COVID-19 in a few ways.

  • Help protect key workers. Essential workers are paramount to keeping the country running in times like these, and their health and protection must be a priority for employers. You can safeguard their health by implementing simple procedures using barriers and railings.

  • Assist customers in maintaining a 2m distance from each other and staff members by using pedestrian barriers to guide them around your establishment. Reminding them of social distancing rules with physical barriers is the quickest, most effective way of enforcing rules, as opposed to signs, which can easily be ignored or go unseen.

Crowd barriers

Typically used for large events such as concerts and festivals, our range of crowd control barriers are versatile and sturdy, making them ideal for creating a physical barrier to entrances or exits. For establishments with multiple entry points, they can help to create an easy flow of customers and make it much easier to control how many people are coming in and out of your store. They are also great for building temporary queuing systems as businesses like supermarkets are limiting the number of people in their stores at any one time. This means that people need to queue outside of the supermarket itself, which is where crowd barriers and railings are perfect.

For construction workers working in public spaces where you may be in the vicinity of people walking past, our works barriers can be an effective way to keep a distance from other people. They are also manufactured in HDPE material which is UV resistant, coloured bright orange with red/white reflective panels to makes them highly visible in day or night, or indoor or outdoor conditions.

Chain posts

Chain posts can be a great low-cost solution for cordoning off areas, both internally and temporarily outdoors. They are suitable for use in warehouses, production areas, shipping departments and administration departments, as well as in stores where you want to keep certain areas clear of people. Our chain posts come in a range of colours and designs to fit a variety of workplace conditions. 


Retractable barrier

The retractable barrier is a flexible, and sometimes more aesthetically pleasing way of creating queuing systems or cordoning off certain areas. They can be used in a variety of areas, both inside and outside, and come in a range of styles. Some are wall-mounted, while others can be freestanding for easy movement and flexible use. 


Our retractable barriers come in different lengths depending on your needs, and even a variety of colour options.  

Traffic cones

Traffic cones are perfect for outside use and can assist in keeping the public away from any construction areas, as well as stopping cars from entering any work areas. They can act as cautions to warn people of any area closures too. The narrow tip at the top of the cone can be especially useful, as signs or messages can be attached to them as needed.

Our range of traffic cones come in 3 different sizes for whatever purpose you might need them for, with reflective coating on them, and the option to include chains and hooks if necessary.

Safety barrier

Safety barriers can be used to maintain distance between customers and staff, as well as to guide customers around the shop floor. Some are freestanding, so are easy to manoeuvre and move if needed. Others are heavier and can block access to escalators or exit doors, to limit the number of people in and around your establishment.   

At Barriers Direct, our range of safety barriers can be used to help stop the spread of COVID-19 by establishing 2-meter distances in queues and on the shop floor. For example, our 2 pack 1 meter safety barriers can ensure that customers wait 2 meters away from each other at the tillpoint. Many of our safety barriers and railings can come with warning signs or messages, and often have space to hang or stick your own signs or messages on them.

Isolation safety barrier

These types of safety barriers are ideal for cordoning off potentially hazardous work areas, and our isolation safety barriers are expandable, built to fit a variety of areas. They are also made from steel, so are extremely durable and strong.

These protective barriers and railings can make it much easier to handle increased demand due to coronavirus and to enforce social distancing guidelines. Your company’s protocol can be supported and implemented using Barriers Direct products, which ultimately helps to protect us all and keep our essential workers safer while they work to keep our country going. To all the essential businesses still opening their doors, we are so grateful for your service.

To decide which solution is best for your business and customers, don’t hesitate to contact us at Barriers Direct for advice or a quote today.

By Barriers Direct on 17/04/2020