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If you are on the hunt for a great range of high-quality traffic cones and cone toppers then look no further. We have one of the best and biggest selections here at Barriers Direct. 

We have a wide range of warning cones that come in all shapes, sizes, and designs to suit various settings and budgets. These warning cones are ideal for traffic management with their bright, attention-grabbing colours. 

We also have the more standard traffic cone available for purchase that is just as useful and visible to cars at any time of the day. Order today for quick and free UK delivery!

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Traffic Cones and Cone Toppers

Barriers Direct are well known for our excellent range of quality traffic cones and cone toppers. Our warning cones are very useful for traffic management and come in a variety of designs to suit different situations and budgets. The basic traffic cone comes in the standard fluorescent red-and-white coloured bands. The fluorescent colours make the cones highly visible during the day and at night when car lights fall on them.

We also offer more versatile designs of traffic cones for sale cheap. The designs relate to the variety of toppers that can be attached to most standard cones, making them more useful to you. Our retractable-tape traffic cone topper works as a very simple and effective barrier. This cone topper comes with a waterproof 8.5-metre retractable tape, also red-and-white-striped.

We also sell safety light traffic cone toppers. Like the retractable-tape toppers, these can be easily fitted onto standard parking cones. It is fixed in place using a rubber collar at the top and a security disk from below. The cone lamps can only fit entry hole diameters of between 28mm and 46mm. The lamps are powered by AA batteries and can be set to flashing or steady illumination.

Our chain attachment kit can also turn your standard traffic cones into a clearly visible and effective barrier system. A chain hook can be secured by flexible fins that engage once inserted into the top of the cone. A chain can then be strung through the hooks on multiple no parking cones and arranged as desired.

Another option for easily visible light cones is the Tensabarrier Nightview Tensacone Topper. This highly specialised topper features a 3.5m retractable and reflective chevron webbing. The thicker and higher quality of the material means it will last longer. No traffic cones come with toppers, meaning that in order to enjoy their benefits, you will need to buy them separately. Visit us at Barriers Direct to find all these options and more.


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