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Here at Barriers Direct, we understand the importance of maintaining high safety measures and avoiding hazardous situations. That’s why we’re proud to offer one of the widest ranges of speed bumps and speed ramps in the UK.

Our speed humps provide the perfect solution for decreasing speed and helping to keep busy and potentially hazardous roads as safe as possible. 

Barriers Direct road humps are available in a variety of dimensions, which can be fitted to measure and can limit driver speeds to any desired degree - from 5 to 15mph. Their heavy-duty PVC materials mean these speed ramps can survive any weather conditions and hold up under extreme weight.

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Speed Ramps, Speed Bumps & Road Humps

Take a minute to browse our wide range of quality speed ramps. Where a speed limit sign will just not do, our speed ramps can be the ideal solution. To avoid damaging their car or being jerked around, drivers will automatically slow down to pass over a speed ramp. Our speed ramps come available in different dimensions, which helps to limit driver’s speeds to different degrees. Our selection of speed ramps is designed to reduce driving speeds to 5, 10 or 15mph.

We stock speed ramps that are made of a heavy-duty PVC material that bears well under heavy weight and different weather conditions. Our designs come with surfaces that help to provide grip for tyres even in poor weather conditions. Our rubber speed bumps are also much more comfortable for the occupants of the car to drive over than their concrete or metal counterparts.

One of our newer speed control devices is the circular road bump. Its design is very simple: two end clamps join together to form a round bump. They are easy to install, affordable and made of recycled material. They are painted a highly visible yellow and can be used to delineate traffic areas as well as to slow vehicles down.

Our speed humps are a good way to restrict drivers in potentially dangerous zones, such as known black spots, bends, school zones and more. This is especially important for drivers who may be new to the area and do not know about the dangers lurking nearby. At Barriers Direct, we provide an easy and cost-effective way of limiting speeding problems with our extensive range of rubber speed bumps in the UK. As effective as our range of road bumps are, we do recommend that they are used together with our warning signs for maximum safety.



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