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For the very best in Impact Protection Edge Profile Barriers, make sure to check out our selection here at Barriers Direct. Foam impact protection barriers provide excellent defence against great impact by providing effective safety cushioning. This prevents an object from being severely damaged and significantly lowers the risk of injury. 

Edge protection barriers are versatile in their use and suit a number of settings, such as warehouses, construction sites, factory floors, and hospitals. They are designed with high-visibility to provide a visual warning. 

We offer swift and free UK delivery here at Barriers Direct, making it simpler than ever to receive your items in no time at all. Shop our range of impact protection products today. 

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Impact Protection Edge Profile Barriers

At Barriers Direct, we make it our business to provide you with the very best in edge and impact protection. Foam impact protection barriers are used to provide a safety cushioning should any hard object come close to a surface which may become damaged and consequently be at risk of causing injury. They have a high-visibility design to provide a visual warning. These edge protection barriers are best used on factory floors, warehouses, construction sites, hospitals and more.

Surface profile protection often comes in the form of foam strips that have an adhesive surface at the back. They can easily be installed by sticking along the required length and cutting it off with a sharp knife or fine saw. The foam is made up of flexible age-resistant polyurethane. While the back of the foam strip may be straight to allow for easy installation and adhering to flat surfaces, the rest may protrude outwards in a variety of shapes, including tubular and trapezoid. This front side is where the impact will be experienced.

For workplaces where the edges requiring cover are protruding or angular, we sell push-fit foam impact protection foam barriers. For this product, the backside has a slot that fits well over the protrusion or other edges. Because it is a foam impact protection product, it should fit well in place, but if not then conventional adhesives may be applied. Our pipe and edge profile impact protection foam options are great for securing sensitive edges such as wall corners, tank edges and pipes.

Besides the standard edge protection barriers, Barriers Direct offers other protective aides. This includes column protectors for indoor and outdoor use, heavy-duty wall buffers with enhanced shock absorption and guard railings which act as doorstoppers in areas with swinging doors. Standard wall buffers are used to protect walls in areas such as hospital corridors where damage can occur from moving trolleys, wheelchairs, gurneys and hospital beds.


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