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By Barriers Direct on 21/09/2020

Stay Safe and Dry with Shelters and Covered Walkways this Winter

Stay Safe and Dry with Shelters and Covered Walkways this Winter

Winter is fast approaching. That means shorter days, plunging temperatures, and the risk of an icy breeze or sudden downpour at any given moment. And, with COVID still very much a threat to us all, we still need to be taking certain precautions outdoors to limit the spread. 

This winter, shelters are going to become an essential part of public walkways and pavements. And, while seeking refuge from a sharp gust of wind or torrential rain while queuing is an absolute necessity, so is keeping safe and healthy. 

Overcrowding is, of course, a big no-no, with many prominent annual events being cancelled or postponed until further notice for this very reason. This is also something to take into consideration when thinking about the number of shelters needed on the streets. Shelters are brilliant, and encourage people to roam the great outdoors, even when it’s cold and dark outside. They keep us secure and protected from the unpredictable Great British weather, and will be needed more than ever thanks to Coronavirus. 

Shelters Provide Safety and Security

Public shelters such as bus stops are already a sanctuary for many pedestrians regularly using public transport. They provide a place of rest for those waiting for their ride home. 

They can sometimes, however, feel a bit unsafe, especially if in a quieter and less populated area. That’s why the government is investing a great deal of time, effort, and money, to install various safety measures in shelters, allowing people to feel safer when using them. 

These new improvements will provide comfort and reassurance to pedestrians, encouraging them to be out for longer. 

Public Covered Walkways 

We know too well now, that there’s nothing worse than feeling cooped up indoors for too long, Remember during the peak of the Coronavirus earlier this year? When the only feeling of freedom was the one-hour outdoor daily exercise we were allowed? What a saving grace that was for us all. 

Should a second wave of cases hit us again, and we’re forced into another complete lockdown, any outdoor exposure will be very welcome, and may keep us feeling sane and a bit more motivated. Nobody wants to feel restricted or stopped in their tracks by COVID or by awful weather conditions. That’s where public covered walkways will keep the nation going, allowing us to take our daily walks, runs, and bike rides while feeling protected from any bad weather. 

Covered walkways can be predominantly found in settings such as supermarket car parks, between airport terminals, and many other prime public locations. And these are always busy with pedestrians. They offer shelter and safety from any bad weather, allowing us to get from A to B by staying largely warm and dry. These shelters have been successful in these settings, and are likely to be used in more public settings thanks to COVID.

Smoking Shelters 

Sometimes, leaving your house for some much needed fresh air isn’t a necessity, especially if you can get that from your own garden. All that’s required is to take a few steps outside of your front or back door.

The only thing that may get in your way, as mentioned before, is the unpredictable Great British weather. And for smokers, the wintery conditions can be a particular pain. 

One solution is smoking canopies - a smoking shelter that can be easily installed in your outdoor space at home. They are subtle, yet effective installations that provide the perfect shelter for you to enjoy your regular smoke, without the risk of getting soaked!. 

If you’re a business or company owner and like the sound of providing shelter for your outdoor area - especially for your smoker employees - there are also larger smoking shelters available, which provide a place for several individuals to smoke and chat while staying dry and protected. 

If you are unsure of the feasibility of installing one in your home or workplace, take a read of the smoking shelter regulations for further clarity and assurance. 

More outdoor shelters will encourage more people to step outdoors - even during the worst weather conditions. They’re ideal for keeping pedestrians dry and protected, which, with COVID-related queuing now a daily practice, is more necessary than ever. 

By Barriers Direct on 21/09/2020